5 Best Tools to Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users 2022

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About: 5 Best Tools to Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users

5 Best Tools to Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users

We are living in an era where we religiously follow social media, be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., to name a few. They have become an integral part of our daily lives.

Today, we will talk about Best Twitter Tools that will allow you to scrub your Twitter followers list.

On Twitter, we interact and follow many people; however, some of them remain active, while others may stop using their Twitter accounts. As time goes by, the list of your followers will grow, including inactive accounts.

It is essential to stop following Twitter users who aren’t active due to the fact that they increase the number of Twitter followers. In return, they don’t provide valuable information. To overcome this problem, here are some Twitter tools that will assist you in unfollowing inactive users on Twitter.

5 Best Tools to Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users 2021

App Unfollowers

App Unfollowers

App Unfollowers is a fantastic tool for Twitterati to manage followers. It is super easy to get started; you need to visit their website to find an option to log in by using a Twitter account. Once you’re inside, you will see the dashboard where you can unfollow the inactive accounts.

Apart from that, the App Unfollowers offers other premium features such as copy followers. In this handy tool, you can find your competitor’s followers by typing usernames and start following them.

That will help you grow your followers faster since they are attracted to your niche; therefore, there’s a good chance that they’ll follow you in return.



Another great addition to this list is Circleboom; it is a Twitter management tool for finding and getting rid of fake, spam, and inactive accounts.

If a user hasn’t tweeted for longer than 30 days, Circleboom labels their accounts as inactive, so you can decide to unfollow or keep them in your list.

It distinguishes your friends & followers as non-active Twitter accounts, chatty, fake, and spam accounts to help you concentrate on the correct accounts to follow.

Circleboom comes with free and paid plans. While the free option comes with limited functionality, the paid option comes with all the bells and whistles.

With plans starting from $7.99/mo and right up to 79.99/mo, you can go wrong with circleboom.

How to use CircleBoom?

  • Go to Circleboom
  • Log in with your Twitter credentials
  • You will see all the statistics of your Twitter account
  • Meanwhile, the tool will analyze your followers and mark inactive Twitter users in the dashboard
  • Select “List All” on ‘Inactive Friends,’ and it will show all the non-active Twitter accounts following you.



Untweeps is the most effortless Twitter clean-up tool, which allows you to easily unfollow people who aren’t active by checking the box. And if you feel that Twitter users are sharing valuable information despite being inactive for long, you can choose to uncheck the box.

This tool is entirely dedicated to unfollowing inactive users; hence the interface is straightforward to use.

How to use Untweeps?

  • Head over to Untweeps
  • Log in using your Twitter credentials
  • You will be redirected to the Twitter authentication page
  • Thereon, you can select the days for which Twitter user hasn’t made any status update
  • Finally, you can also choose multiple accounts from the inactive list and unfollow them.
  • By the way, did I tell you this tool is free?



Crowdfire is a social media tool that supports Twitter and Instagram. This tool isn’t exclusively designed to Unfollow inactive Twitter accounts; in fact this tool is used to create, schedule, and analyze the competitors.

It comes with free and paid versions; while the free version is sufficient to unfollow inactive Twitter users, the paid version starts from $7.49 up to $74.98/month, which is works as a social media manager.

Crowdfire is available for both iOS and Android versions. With this app, you can scrub your Twitter followers list and get rid of inactive followers for good.

Manually Unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts

The manual method is probably the most laborious way to clean your Twitter followers list. Still, those who do not want to utilize a third-party service or don’t want to risk anything in the security of their account can use the manual method of unfollowing inactive Twitter followers.

While using third-party services, such as Circleboom or Untweeps, you must log in with your Twitter account to their platform, but security is always a concern.

Tools like Circleboom or Untweeps take security very seriously; if you are still concerned about your account safety, it is best to follow the manual method of unfollowing accounts that are not active on Twitter or unfollowing nonfollowers.

That is an excellent option for people with a small number of followers; however, if you have hundreds or even millions of followers, it is best to use Circleboom, which offers the best experience for professionals.


Staying organized on Twitter can help you stay productive and efficient. These tools will assist you in getting rid of unwanted distractions on Twitter which will help you in the long run.

Let me know which tools you’re using to clean your Twitter account. I’d love to hear from you in the comments section about other tools that can remove inactive Twitter followers.


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