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Is it really required for you to get a personalized email forwarding service? Or is there another better solution to have your own email domain? Surely you shouldn’t. You first need to get a customized domain when establishing your email; otherwise, you have to use the same domain as your normal email address, and you cannot brand your email as your brand name.

About Wix Email Forwarding 2021

Wix is an email forwarding service that allows users to create, forward, and modify emails online. Wix Email forwarding offers a full package of functional and professional web-building tools for developing personalized and professional websites.

With Wix, an individual can easily sell their products or business to millions of potential customers. Learn more about Wix Email Forwarding 2021.

These days having a custom email address is a necessity; it helps in brand building, and it is easy to remember. It allows your potential buyers to remember your product or services you offer, making them loyal brand followers.

Why do you need Email forwarding with Wix 2021?

Wix Email Forwarding 2021

As previously mentioned, having a brand email ID is a complete necessity these days. A custom Email address provides legitimacy to your business or services you are offering. You can choose your domain name as your email address; you need a domain name before setting up the email.

For domain name, try using your brand name or any easy-to-remember name to avoid confusion among your customers.

For example, if your name is John and you deal in fitness products such a treadmill, etc. You can choose your domain name like Johnfitnessclub.com, and you may choose your email address such as sales@johnfitnessclub.com. Use Gmail to open your brand email address, such as johnfitnessclub@gmail.com.

Connecting your brand name email to Wix makes sense; it is simple to work with and saves time; also, you can easily manage your and your employees’ email through Wix.com.

When you buy a custom google apps mailbox formerly known as (G-suite), you get access to 25 GB of inbox space, Google Calendar, and 5 GB extra storage for documents in Google Drive. Once you are done with the domain registration with Wix, follow these simple steps to create your customized email address.

  • Check the subscription tab.
  • Click on the mailboxes and my mailbox next to the domain name
  • Click on the dropdown menu and select the mailboxes you want to buy
  • Choose billing options (monthly/ yearly) and hit the checkout button
  • Now, fill in your payment details and click submit.
  • That’s it!

Reasons to use Wix Email Forwarding 2021

The best part of using the Wix Email Forwarding service is that it transforms the customer’s opinion about your business and gives your website a professional and trustworthy look.

Benefits of Email forwarding with Wix 2021

In a world where people move from one place to another at least three times a month, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep in touch with clients and customers.

That is where Wix Email forwarding comes into play. Instead of spending a lot of time planning out every outgoing message that goes out, a Wix Forwarding account can be used to create emails in bulk and then have them automatically forwarded to a specific email address.

Wix provides customers with a simple yet effective means of sending out repetitive promotional messages to targeted audiences.

How is Wix Email Forwarding useful to business owners?

The benefits of Wix forwarding are wide-ranging. For instance, Wix forwarding allows business owners to build up a responsive mailing list, which is beneficial if a company always has new leads and messages going out to its contacts.

Business owners can also use Wix forwarding to send sales messages to leads that would otherwise not be receptive to such offers.


Like almost everything these days, the cost of starting a Wix email forwarding account is extremely low. At just under $20 per month, a person can start using their Wix account to send emails to anyone in the world for virtually no money whatsoever.

Even though the service offers so much, it is still one of the cheapest ways of building a responsive mailing list and making profits from it at the same time.

Conclusion – Wix Email Forwarding 2021

Email forwarding with Wix 2021

Well, those you are just starting can find connecting to Wix Email Forwarding slightly difficult and time-consuming. If you take into account the above mention steps, you can avoid mistakes altogether and save time.

Learn Email forwarding with Wix?

Sending email allows you to forward emails to different locations from an email address within your area. For example, you could send an email to email@youdomain.com to your current mailing address such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. To update your Domain Name System (DNS), first, recognize MX records.

Steps to Follow

  1. Log into your Wix account by signing in (https://users.wix.com/sigin)
  2. Proceed to the DNS records (which you can found next to your username, select domain name, and hit the down arrow next to the domain and confirm. Click on the mailboxes tab.
  3. After that, you need to remove your previous MX records; once you have done just add new MX records.
  4. To get your Wix Email Forwarding service working, you must add new MX records to your domain to direct new emails to your @Emailforward.mx account.
  5. Press Save.

Remember, it can take up to 72 hours before the DNS changes are propagated. During the process, you will still get traffic to your previous server before DNS records are updated.

Setting up Wix email forwarding means that you can have all of your other emails addresses forward to your primary Wix account.

It’s a very flexible, easy-to-use feature that can save businesses a lot of time and headaches when managing their mailing lists, answering their phones, and tracking their marketing efforts.

Just make sure that your forwarding option includes the addresses that you want to be forwarded to, as well as an option for accepting emails from anyone who sends you an email.

That way, you won’t have to spend any time answering bogus emails or trying to organize your inbox after receiving bogus emails that you didn’t sign up for in the first place!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Wix support Email Forwarding?

Definitely! In fact, Wix Email forwarding is the best way to forward incoming emails to another email address.

Does Wix support email hosting?

Web hosting allows you to create and preserve content on your website while email data is stored through the email host. Wix-built sites use Wix-safe web hosting.

Do you get free email with Wix?

Using Wix email is absolutely free; you are allowed to send 5000 emails.


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