Pet Hair Remover Lint Roller USA 2022

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  • Remove your pet dog and cat hair easily
  • From couches, beds, comforters, blankets and more.
  • Reusable, Sturdy Pet Hair Remover Tool
  • No need for sticky tapes or adhesive paper.
  • The roller can be reused over and over again.
  • No Batteries or Power Source Required.
  • Simply use short back and forth strokes
  • Capture all pet hair and lint into the dust tray.
  • Pet hair, lint, etc can simply be removed from the dust receptacle.
  • 100% Reusable and Eco-Friendly
  • Pet Hair Remover Lint Roller USA 2022


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About: Pet Hair Remover Lint Roller

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Keeping your home neat and clean can be a tough job, especially with pets, which is why products such as Pet Hair Remover Lint Roller come in handy and are appealing to pet owners. ChomChom pet hair roller is a reusable pet hair removal gadget; it saves your time and efforts to remove pet shredded hair from bedding and sofa.

ChomChom Pet Hair Remover Lint Roller Features

The device is compact and easy to hold; it is a T-shaped gadget with a roller attached to its far end. The roller is covered in red velvety material and few rubber bits that stick out about half an inch.

To use the ChomChom pet hair roller, apply robust back and forth movements with the roller on whichever fabrics you are cleaning. The rubber bits that stick out prevents full rotation of the roller.

Once you have cleared the surface, press the eject button on the backside of the handle to open the dirt tray. You have to remove the dirt, hair strands, and dust manually. The manufactures don’t provide any tool to clear the compartment, so you are on your own to clear the tray.

Cleaning Results with Lint Roller for Pet Hair

It is incredible how easily ChomChom roller picks up the pet fur, dirt, and dust. We tested the roller on a blanket used by our dog, and the results were truly unique. The blanket had quite a hair covering, but in one stroke, the ChomChom Pet Hair Remover Lint Roller removed most of the hair stuck on the blanket.

The roller was also tried on sofa and dog mattress which had plenty of hair on them, well the results very good. It didn’t take more than a couple of strokes to clean the entire dog mattress and sofa. The ChomChom pet hair roller dirt tray was packed with hair, dust, and debris.

The efficiency of the roller is outstanding when you compare similar products available in the market. Also, there’s no need to remove the sticky sheet every now which is the case with other rollers.

Lint Roller Portability

The ChomChom roller is compact, and it isn’t more prominent than a standard lint roller due to its T-shaped design; it is quite portable. You can stash the roller in your drawer for storage; you can also use it in the car to remove pet hair from the seats.

Traditional large lint rollers for pet hair are likely the biggest rivals for ChomChom. Still, the ability to reuse again and again without replacing the adhesive paper or stick tapes makes ChomChom stand out from the rest.

Cost Factor

lint roller for pet hair

ChomChom Pet Hair Remover Lint Roller is ideally priced; since it is a reusable product, you will save lots of money you spend on use on throw products such as adhesive tapes or glue sheets available in the market.

Also, the electrical products available in the market cost more; there is also a battery replacement cost that will keep on adding, thus adding to the price.

Why you should buy ChomChom Lint Roller

If your goal is to keep your whole house clean, then a large lint roller for pet hair is ideal for your home. These devices are perfect for sheds, condos, apartments, and other smaller spaces where there isn’t enough room for a bulky Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner. Some even come in a backpack, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

These handy devices let you clean up any hair extra sticky messes in chairs and sofa seats without dealing with those stubborn bits. An ergonomic handle is perfect for this. Many ergonomic handles come with a sturdy strap, so they are easy to transport.

For really tough dirt and hair, a vacuum attachment is required. Vacuum attachments with hard-wearing wheels are best because they will be in constant contact with the floor all day. You can use these for larger areas and multiple sheets at a time.

ChomChom pet hair roller is efficient for cleaning beddings, blankets, and other hair-infested places. It is a low-cost solution to keep your home tidy. An efficient circular motion will help you remove the most stubborn and dusty debris. If pet grooming is what is care, then you should definitely check out ChomChom pet lint roller. So, this concludes the Pet Hair Remover Lint Roller topic.

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