Under Desk Pedal Exerciser USA 2022

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  • 8-levels of adjustable magnetic tension
  • Enjoy a 7-inch stride while you’re seated at work
  • 2-in-1 Design can be used for hand or feet exercises
  • Belt-drive mechanism and the 3.52 lb flywheel
  • Track your activity data, such as speed, time, distance, and calories burned
  • Use this machine on a desk-level surface
  • Pedal your arms to promote upper body activity


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About: Under Desk Pedal Exerciser

The Sunny Health & Fitness Under Desk Pedal Exerciser comes with a weighted flywheel that delivers a synchronized cyclic motion, relieving pressure on your joints and thus giving you an orderly workout. The foot pedal exerciser is an ideal solution if you’re tied to a desk all day, without any room for expensive fitness gadgets or if you get unnerved by jam-packed gyms.

The portable foot pedal exerciser features a carry handle that is useful in moving the indoor exercise bike. You can use it while in the office underneath the table, at home while watching for favorite movies, or you can utilize it for your physiotherapy.

Sunny Pedal Exerciser Features

The Sunny (SF – B0891) Under Desk Pedal Exerciser features anti-skid rubber feet that provide stability on any surface, desk, and flooring, avoiding slippage during use. The tension knob allows you to finetune the pedal opposition by increasing and decreasing according to your needs.

The LCD tracks all the vitals such as distance covered, RPM, time, speed, and calories burned during use.

It comes in pre-assembled condition along with an instruction manual. The maximum weight recommendation is 220 pounds. Product Dimensions: 20.5 x 16 x 10.5 inches; product weight 19.1 pounds.

Heat rate monitoring

Keep your objective pulse in check. The more fat that is burned is, the more consistent and prolonged the exercise. This essential information can help you better understand your health and wellbeing.

LCD Display

The Digital Monitor screen makes it easy to track your progress on the SF-E905 and monitor it. The pulse screen, which quickly displays how fast your heart beats, can help you practice at the best power to achieve extreme results.

Your SF – B0891 screen will show you the time and separation to help you stay focused on your home-based wellness goals. To assist you in achieving your wellness goals, the output mode will show your progress.

Adjustable 8 Levels Resistance

Use the pressure knob to increase the Under Desk Pedal Exerciser power for your SF – B0891 exercise. You can easily adjust the pressure handle to increase or decrease resistance, ensuring that your SF – B0891 exercise is successful throughout your wellness journey.

Using this gadget allows the SF – B0891 client to engage in different activities which allow muscle building and building core strength.

Carry Handle

The device can be easily moved around with the help of a carry handle; since the product weighs just 19 pounds, it is easy to shift the foot pedal exerciser from one room to another.


The pedal exerciser comes with 3.52 pounds smooth belt-driven flywheel; the construction of the flywheel is unique, which reduces the sound while you make strides on the foot pedal exerciser.

7 Inch Stride

The Under Desk Pedal Exerciser’s 7-inch step length allows for a quick burst of step-like movement. This compact unit can fit into any space, including small rooms or condos. It is also easier to store because it is so tiny.

The Under Desk Pedal Exerciser provides low-sway cardiovascular preparation from the comfort of your home at a reasonable price point. The Sunny Mini Bike is designed to provide a smooth upper- and lower-body exercise with no jolting effect to the knee joints.

Pedal Exerciser Benefits for Seniors

Foot Pedal Exerciser

Many people do not realize that there are two significant Pedal Exerciser benefits. The first one is for cardiovascular fitness. That is one area where most older people do not get enough exercise. They should know that they can burn hundreds of calories while exercising on a stationary bicycle with a simple pedal exerciser.

Seniors also benefit from Pedal Exerciser benefits for strengthening their muscles. We tend to use the more flexible joints in our bodies, such as the hips and knees, more in our daily activities than we used to.

This constant overworking of the joints can leave them weak and susceptible to injury. That is why a significant number of seniors are now turning to pedal exercisers. It can be constructive to strengthen the leg muscles.

A significant advantage of using an Under Desk Pedal Exerciser is that you do not have to use the same kind of upper body weight when you pedal. A great many people overuse their upper bodies during their day.

For instance, many people use their arms and shoulders to push themselves through their day. There is no need to do this with a stationary bicycle. The lower body receives all the essential calories needed and then some.

The second significant Pedal Exerciser benefit for seniors is to achieve permanent fitness improvement. This improvement can be made using any number of exercises. However, you may find that using a combination of a stationary bike and an exercise bike is most beneficial.

Using both an exercise bicycle and a manual exercise machine will ensure that you use the full range of motion available and build the most muscle strength from the various exercise programs you choose.

One final Pedal Exerciser benefit for seniors is portability. You do not have to be tied down by a rigid exercise bicycle to get the results you are looking for. There are many different kinds of stationary bikes and exercise machines available to move about in your home or anywhere you want to work on pedal exercising.

The beauty of a portable pedaling machine is that it is so easy to move it around yet effective at delivering results.

Perhaps one of the essential Pedal Exerciser benefits for elderly individuals is to help strengthen their muscles. Many physical therapy programs for aging people include leg exercises as part of their routine.

These leg muscles become weakened over time as the body ages. By using a pedal exerciser regularly, you can strengthen these muscles and improve the function of your legs.

Should you buy Under Desk Pedal Exerciser?

A Pedal Exerciser provides a fantastic mental and emotional benefit. Many seniors are not very active and are not enjoying the physical exercise they could be doing. By working out with a good quality pedal exerciser, you can better blood circulation and increase flexibility.

A great workout improves mood and reduces stress levels, two common mental disturbances that affect many seniors.

Pedal Exerciser benefits are many. If you are looking for the best pedal exerciser seniors can use, you can check out Sunny (SF – B0891) pedal exerciser on amazon. This device will help increase the health of your legs while increasing your overall flexibility.

The Pedal Exersicer comes with a high-quality electronic unit with an LCD screen that is easy to read and controlled by a switch to adjust resistance. So, this concludes the Under Desk Pedal Exerciser topic.

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