How to Move a Gun Safe in 3 Easy Steps

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Moving a gun safe isn’t easy due to their weight and size; they can weigh up to several hundred pounds, and moving them can be cumbersome due to their dimensions. While handling a portable safety box for a single handgun is easy, moving heavy-duty safes for multiple guns can be challenging.

Hence, it is advisable to hire a professional to get the job done; however, if you decide to do it on your own, here is a quick guide on How to Move a heavy gun safe easily.

How to Move a Gun Safe in 3 Easy Steps

How to Move a Gun Safe: Step by Step Process

Prepare FIRST

Before moving a gun safe, you need to make sure it is empty. If the safe has live ammunition inside, it can easily discharge and damage property.

To move a large gun storage cabinet, you need to know how to transfer a large gun safe. It is best to have someone else move the safe so you cannot damage your home or cause you to discharge a firearm accidentally. In this article, you’ll learn how to safely and efficiently move your safe.

Plan Ahead

First, make sure you have enough time to move the safe. You should also make sure that you have helpers. Remember, carrying a gun safe is dangerous, and you must proceed with caution.

Always remember to be safe. Do not rush the process, as this could lead to injury or even damage the safe. Take your time and focus on the task. A safe is heavy, so be careful. It will weigh more than you realize, so you don’t want to hurt yourself.

Pre-Plan the route

You should take a few minutes to measure the distance between your new location and the gun safe’s current location. Taking the time to plan your move will make the process easier properly.

Before attempting to move your gun safe, make sure you have a clear path and plenty of help. It would be best if you also took care to protect your furniture. It’s important to be careful when moving a gun safe because you don’t want to scratch it or knock it into your walls.

Measure the Safe

Before starting, take measurements and determine where to place the gun safe in the new room. You can walk through the new location and measure any doorways and hallways that you plan on moving it through.

Although most of them will be large enough to allow the safe to pass through, measuring the space will reveal how much space you have when moving it through tight corners.

Protect Your Floors

Cover the floors with a cloth or rag to prevent the possibility of damage and eliminate any obstructions in the way. You’ll need safe moving equipment such as a dolly and a loading ramp, along with some packing supplies to prevent floor damage.

Removing the Door

Large safes often come with a heavy door that adds a considerable amount of weight, so you should ideally detach the doors when moving a gun safe. The downside to this process is that you need to reattach the door after moving into a new place.

Get the Right Gun Safe Moving Equipment

As previously mentioned, moving a gun safety box isn’t like moving a couch or weight lifting in the gym. You must never attempt to move it on your own; you can either hire a moving company to do it for you or rent/borrow requisite equipment such as safe moving dolly for the job.

Using a hand truck is a safer and easier way to move a gun safe than lifting it yourself. Unlike other types of furniture, a hand truck is much lighter and can accommodate a gun safe in a matter of minutes.

It’s also best to gather a group of strong friends with experience of moving big objects.

Move a Gun Safe in 3 Simple Steps

gun safe moving equipment

Now that everything is in place, we can start the actual process of moving the gun safe. Bear in mind; gun safes are heavy, so you must be extra careful while transporting them to a new location.

#1 Ask your friends for help

Moving a Gun Safe isn’t complicated, but you’ll need two or three reliable assistants to help you lift the safe, manoeuvrer it until it reaches the final destination.

As you know, large gun safes are heavy and bulky; it will help you immensely if you have someone strong and experienced on your side.

#2 Use either a Hand Truck or Dolly

Using a hand truck is a safer and easier way to move a gun safe than lifting it yourself. Unlike other types of furniture, a hand truck is much lighter and can accommodate a gun safe in a matter of minutes.

If you need help, consider hiring a couple of people to help you lift the safe, and make sure to record the contents and make it easy to identify any missing pieces.

After that, you first need to wrap it in a blanket and strap it to the dolly. Then, slide the dolly under the safe to prevent it from moving and make sure it is positioned next to the new location. A gun storage cabinet can be difficult to move, especially when there is no room to walk around.

#3 Navigate the Stairs

If the gun safe is located upstairs, then you need to have a thorough knowledge of getting it safely downstairs; otherwise, you can end up injuring yourself. Unlike flooring, stairs aren’t designed to support a high amount of weight, so; it isn’t unusual to find someone paying a repair cost for their staircase after trying to carry something heavy either up or down the stairs. Here is the: best way to move a gun safe down the stairs using a hand truck

Make sure that there is no one downstairs within the path of the safe in case it falls. That reduces the chance of getting injured.

Be careful not to tilt the hand truck in a way that is too back when going downstairs. It could result in you losing your balance.


These tips will ensure that you don’t falter while moving a Gun Safe. Still, we’d recommend that you hire professional movers as they know how to move a gun safe without damaging property.

Additionally, the safety of you and your family members is your number priority. Suppose you choose to move a heavy item, like a box. In that case, it is best to find reputable and experienced moving companies that offer services for local relocation and distant moving services.


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